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Truck Transportation Service

Al-Attaa Al Jadeed ” for Trading and Transporting is characterized by having a fleet of terrestrial tankers  (flatbed – large trailer – tractor)with a high level of technical and mechanical aspects and dedicated team of specialists, working hands as patient drivers and technicians in those areas, particularly maintenance and modernization work, take care of the fleet affairs which make a real guarantee card in the application of safety measures on the one hand and the success of freight and transport operation on the opposite bank, so the company constitute safe bridges connecting parties of Mesopotamia.


Contracting Sector Services

Al-Attaa Al Jadeed ” company provides exceptional services in the contracting sector

with its various kinds, especially in the areas of construction, transportation, trucks and heavy machines . Contracting Activity in general is a vital activity, and it is in a major development due to the wide geographical area is held by the giant projects that require the need for horizontal expansion. 





Catering services

Alataa Aljadeed Co. for supplying and catering services offers its services to both governmental and civil sectors all over Al Basra.

Our company provides a whole set of services to the clients through skilled dedicated staff including diet specialist chefs, chef assistants, waiters and kitchen cleaners.

The food menus we offer to our customers contain a wide range of local and global dishes of various delicious food designed neatly by our experienced chefs who innovate according to each contract, fulfilling all the clients’ custom needs.

Our long experience and extensive logistics capabilities helped us succeed in a very short time.

Pest Control Services

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, provides comprehensive protection against all sorts of pest in the harish environment of temporary sites, this is tailored to fit client needs and It is specifically designed to suit the client’s needs with seasonal pest and insect control operations and work according to health and safety requirements..


Customs Clearance Services

During the customs clearance process, we spare no effort to provide the best assistance services to exporters and importersthrough moving the conduct of the trading exchanges at the international borders for the various local products in addition to the different varieties of imported products, especially on land and sea, and it is worth mentioning that in the company we have the right people to provide the appropriate service to ourcustomers in all areas of customs and government institutions because our obsession is to provide appropriate services due to the local laws and in accordance with professional work ethics 


Oilfield Services

We supply, rent & provide maintenance services to all type of generator all over Iraq. We have Specialized staff Maintenance and operation of generators and installed  We have Specialized staff Monument caravan and processing  Our company supplies at type of caravans, customs made and tailor to fit the client need  We can act as your sourcing agent within Iraq. Our company can source  on behalf of the client all type of commodities locally & internationallyServices 




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