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Al Attaa Al Jadeed Company

Al Attaa Al Jadeed is private Iraqi Company working in contracting services Transport public , Shipping and unloading , Custom clearance, , a company established in Iraq in 1978.
The core reason behind establishing Al Ataa Al Jadeed is to establish specialized companies for the variety of services which we have been providing for the past 4 decades. Al Attaa Al Jadeed comprise of Al Ataa AL Jadeed for Trading, Transportation, Customs Clearance, Discharging , Customs Clearance, water supply and catering services & Al Ataa Al Jadeed Oilfield services and supply. Iraq is in  transformation phase and moving towards becoming a hub for the oilfield, manufacturing, trade and construction induction. AAAJ is at the core of this transformation and is well established to join this business leap. AAAJ is committed to providing world class services to its customs through its experienced team and long  term relationships in Iraq. We are also committed to establishing a long term .relationship with our customers based on trust, business ethic and proficiency
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VISION OF Alataa Aljadeed Co.

We continually strive to provide our clients with the best high-quality services that generate value to us and to our customers as well; in Alataa Aljadeed Co. we are committed to meet the highest quality standards in all of our services in the field of supplying and catering services across AL Basra.


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Goals OF Alataa Aljadeed Co.

We do know how much competition we might be facing, so, we have to offer really special services that live up to competition and tempt customers to set us as their go-to company. We believe that the success of any company that works in the field of catering is highly dependent on its ability to organize its work and on the ability of prioritization, this is what Alataa Aljadeed Co. has, it has a strict managerial system in which everybody knows their duties clearly and implements them properly. In addition, we have the teamwork spirit among all of our staff members, and they work in hive-like harmony and consistency guaranteeing smooth workflow without any hurdles, which in turn, is reflected on the work quality, accuracy and speed.

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