what we do?

Al Attaa Al Jadeed is private Iraqi Company working in contracting services Transport public , Shipping and unloading , Custom clearance, , a company established in Iraq in 1978


 Transportation Service

Al-Attaa Al Jadeed ” for Trading and Transporting is characterized by having a fleet of terrestrial tankers  (flatbed – large trailer – tractor)with a high level of technical and mechanical aspects


Cleaning Services

We have a dedicated staff to clean caravans and companies and oil fields as safety and environmental instructions and to be transported to the landfill waste specialist.


Contracting Services

Al-Attaa Al Jadeed ” company provides exceptional services in the contracting sector with its various kinds, especially in the areas of construction, transportation, trucks and heavy machines .


Civil works

Our mission is to provide HQUSACE staff support; and to direct the technical aspects of engineering, construction management, environmental protection and restoration,  operations


Company with tradition

Al-Ataa Al-Jadeed for Trade, Transportation, Loading and Unloading, Customs clearance, General Services Ltd.

AJC successfully assumed within a short period of time from its inception its current position as the leading “Tier A” company in the field of secure food supply & catering services for various sectors in the Province , which includes, Government Departments such as Hospitals, Labor camps in addition to high profile companies of the formal and informal private sectors in southern and Northern Rumaila


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What is our mission?

We continue to improve our services quality and deliver high level of innovation, achieving the best value-to-price ratio.

We continually strive to provide our clients with the best high-quality services that generate value to us and to our customers as well; in Alataa Aljadeed Co. we are committed to meet the highest quality standards in all of our services in the field of supplying and catering services across AL Basra.

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