Al Attaa` Company | for Trading and Transporting
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Al Attaa` Company

for Trading and Transporting


Al Attaa Al Jadeed is private Iraqi Company working in contracting services ,Transport public , Shipping and unloading , Custom clearance, , a company established in Iraq in 1978. The core reason behind establishing Al Ataa Al Jadeed is to establish specialized companies for the variety of services which we have been providing for the past 4 decades. Al Attaa Al Jadeed comprise of Al Ataa AL Jadeed for Trading, Transportation, Customs Clearance, Discharging , Customs Clearance, water supply and catering services & Al Ataa Al Jadeed Oilfield services and supply. Iraq is in transformation phase and moving towards becoming a hub for the oilfield, manufacturing, trade and construction induction. AAAJ is at the core of this transformation and is well established to join this business leap. AAAJ is committed to providing world class services to its customs through its experienced team and long term relationships in Iraq. We are also committed to establishing a long term relationship with our customers based on trust, business ethic and proficiency.

Worldwide transportation service

Road Transport

Train Transport

Ship Transport

Plane Transport

A glimpse about “Al-Attaa` Company”:

The company is considered as a bridge to ship and transport goods all ov er Iraq in the shortest time and effort that is possible. It is worth to mention that in the company, we don’t limit ourselves to a certain pattern in transporting the goods, but we are ready to transport equipment including the heavy and light ones . Moreover, we offer the best services during the transport through equipped vehicles from the mechanical and technical aspects and the expert staff of labors. proceeding from the principle which says that the impact of success will be greater when the participatory spirit is evident in the pace of work . We seek to activate many internal agreements with supporting companies for the purpose of integrating joint cooperation efforts in all parts of Iraq.



Contracting sector

Water supply


Truck transportation


The company objectives :

Unending quest for providing the highest quality and the most exceptional services on all levels and developing  our business segments in the following areas:

  • Truck Transportation service.
  • Heavy lifting services.
  • Customs clearance services.
  • Contracting Services.
  • Water supplies services.
  • Food and catering service .
  • Oilfield Services.


Transport and trade concepts with its modern methods  have exceeded the boundaries of time and space , so  a network of arteries of shipping that  links the world from end to end was formed to become the eye that  we see through it  the deeds of Nations and its products which stimulates the imagination to make the letters as an unit of measurement of distances in order to develop the cultural and civilizational storage of human beings in upon a time.

Company Profile