Al Attaa` Company | Civil works
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Civil works

Our mission is to provide HQUSACE staff support; and to direct the technical aspects of engineering, construction management, environmental protection and restoration, operations : maintenance and repair activities of USACE missions worldwide. Although we are in the Civil Works Directorate, our mission areas support the entire Corps of Engineers: Civil Works (CW), Work for Others (WFO), Support for Others (SFO), Installation Support and Environmental Programs. The development of road networks, sanitation and one the most important aspects of raising the infrastructure to improve efficiency Quality, thus contributing to the development of public facilities, which are expected to see a significant increase in demand for services During the years of the program. In this axis we seeking to develop and increase the capacity of the road network and upgrading . Its services to keep pace with international standards,




From the moment of making to the moment of turning the concrete ready to use ,beside to our machines supplied with technique to transport concrete , and works building , and everything construction need from machines