Al Attaa` Company | Contracting sector services
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Contracting sector services

” Al-Attaa Al Jadeed ” company provides exceptional services in the contracting sector with its various kinds, especially in the areas of construction, transportation, trucks and heavy machines . Contracting Activity in general is a vital activity, and it is in a major development due to the wide geographical area is held by the giant projects that require the need for horizontal expansion. Contracting activities are not limited to construction only, but extend to specialized and complementary activities to the contracting activity. the efforts of working unite within the Al-Attaa company between management and all employees who have proven their competence and seriousness in order to reach the highest levels of achievement and creativity to achieve the high-level of performance. We are also so careful in the company to provide the maximum and the highest possible service. The contracting activity includes the general contracting field for residential and commercial buildings and educational, recreational, health, sanitation and contracting of landscaping the gardens and air conditioning maintenance and operating format. It is worth mentioning that we seek in the company to find a long-term good relationship with customers, clients and business partners in order to reach the maximum degree of understanding in order to determine carefully the desires and the needs , and seek to achieve them to meet the expectations of our customers, by an efficient team of workers who has a harmony between the elements and components of the team, as well as the sound working environment that is provided by the administrative body which is a real motivation for the team.